The best POS software for your Cloud Kitchens

  If the seamless experience of ordering food from a cloud kitchen seems like bliss, then the POS software must be credited for being the master of that magic. The technology-infused and powerful POS software is a boon for the staff as well as the customers.

Getting reliable software for your cloud kitchen can be like hiring a one-person army! It has the power to ensure that the orders are correct, deliveries are timely, and the customers have a smile of satisfaction. Behind the curtain, this how POS software should make your life easier:

  • Take and organize the orders
  • Analyze customer data
  • Manage inventory
  • Process billing and record cash flow

The secret ingredient to the cloud kitchen business is not just your bestselling dish but also POS software which makes it all look easy peasy. So, do not let the shutters fall on your business and know more about this secret ingredient. Hold tight, here you go!

Ice-breaking with the Software 

  • Limetray

Since its launch in 2013, this software has shot to fame for all the right reasons. Limetray’s enviable list of clients adds a feather to its cap. Most of them swear by its user-friendly interface, which is skilled to make even complex tasks seem effortless. Dishing out a couple of more stats on Limetray: it has its mark in 11 countries with over 3000 restaurants/cloud kitchens.

  • POSist

Another Indian firm with a host of accolades to its name, POSist is no stranger to the trials and tribulations that cloud kitchens go through. It has zoomed in its focus only on the food industry and has a presence in 30 countries with more than 9000 clients. POSist works both online and offline, making it internet outage friendly. If a three fitting adjective is to be used for POSist, they would be comprehensive, scalable, and specialized. 

  • Pet Pooja

With its network in India and UAE, Pet Pooja was launched for merchants in 2014. Its clients can access Pet Pooja Community Bazaar, an online market exclusively for restaurant owners and operators. The POS software is perhaps the most pocket-friendly option available at the number of features it offers. Going by word of mouth, it is highly reliable and customer friendly.

  • Oracle MICROS Simphony

Globally reputed company Oracle has launched a software that can be adopted by hotels, restaurants, and cloud kitchens too. Simphony POS is power-packed and boasts of one of the most intelligent systems. Its unique feature of multi-language support and integration with your social media makes it a sweet deal for a cloud kitchen with a global presence.  However, currently, it is only compatible with Microsoft Windows and Oracle Linux.


Here is a quick comparison sheet that will help you match your requirements to the right POS, and it will be a match made in heaven!

It is more than evident that technology has converged our efforts for us to expand the business!