My Story

Humorous by default & positive by choice, there is never a dull moment with Kiran.

When life is bountiful and has bestowed the gift of rich experiences, there is but only one way to receive it.By sharing it.

Being a hospitality professional for over two decades now, I have had the privilege of serving and delighting more than a million people. Made a humble beginning with a couple of friends in the unconventional pest control business that we could grow rapidly and sell it to a MNC. Learning the fundamentals of business the hard way laid the foundation for subsequent business ventures.

Many awards and recognition stand testimony to the professionalism and sincerity of the business ventures. My association with various social, business and spiritual organisations has helped me gain insights and contribute to different facets of life. My passion to share my learning has made me connect to students, entrepreneurs in various premier educational institutions and business forums.

A sportsman by heart, I thoroughly enjoy badminton, cricket and golf. I cherish completing the full marathon that has taught me the value of persistence. A rare life-threatening condition that struck me couple of years ago has limited my mobility temporarily and imparted some very valuable lessons, helping me emerge stronger.

Being an Award winning Restaurateur with the vast experience in hospitality, combined with the passion for sharing – have been imparting knowledge and training thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs (pan India & abroad) to start and run their food business.

Creating a largest network and community of foodpreneurs- helping, synergising and collaborating with each other to realize their dreams and take their Life & Business to The Next Level

Always an eager student, I truly believe that only way to live many lives in one life is through books. My mantra has been that a generous helping of humour makes the dish of life delicious.

Ventures & Adventures

Armed with just 2500 rupees in his pocket, this first-generation entrepreneur started an unconventional business of pest control ‘Sioux Biligiri’ in 1996 along with his friends which grew rapidly and later got acquired in 2007 for a Million+ dollars by ISS, the world’s largest facility management company.

From tackling pests to serving guests, he then ventured into the restaurant business and started the Award-winning restaurant Utsav that became the benchmark for fine dining. His business acumen combined with his flair for hospitality made him diversify and start Moksh Banquets in 2007 as a natural progression. Moksh is today a preferred choice of banqueting for all celebrations. It also has the pride of catering to huge events such as IPL and other International cricket matches with credibility and consistency as its cornerstone. He has also dabbled with many other business ventures including Import-Export, Distribution, Boutique hotels, MLM etc. He earned in some and burnt his hands in some but learnt a lot in all.

His hospitality ventures have received many awards and recognition from reputed entities like Association of Catering professionals, Times of India, Diners international, Department of Tourism and others.

Take your life and business to The Next Level

Undeterred by challenges, Kiran Biligiri’s infectious enthusiasm and passion for sharing his experience has taken him to The Next Level- To inspire people to chase their dreams or to start something they always wanted and to imbibe in them the spirit of never giving up. Being a member & playing leadership roles in various social & business organizations, he cherishes the insights gained & the contribution made to different facets of life.

Kiran Biligiri has also tasted many failures that have enriched him with valuable lessons. He is thankful for his middle class upbringing that keeps him grounded and an adventurous spirit that has helped him to explore beyond. He carries determination from his marathons, agility from badminton and team spirit from the cricket he played to all his pursuits. Apart from dipping into various adventures like river rafting, para gliding, bungee jumping his zest for life and travel has taken him to different places. An avid reader, he believes in sharing his life experience and expertise to add value to the people who seek it.

A mentor and a guide to many, he has been a speaker at premier educational institutions, corporates and at various public forums. Humorous by default & positive by choice, there is never a dull moment with Kiran.

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