The lesson of experience comes with a lot of churning, the good, the bad and the really challenging. Whether as an entrepreneur or an evolving human being I look forward to engaging as a speaker with corporates, educational institutions, social organisations or any group of seekers.

Some of the topics that I speak about include:

Heartfelt Leadership

Off late leadership has become synonymous with being cut throat. But in reality, it is about harmonising team, resources and results by creating an empathetic ecosystem. A heartfelt leader realises that the true essence of his role, is to increase the happiness quotient of the employees while pursuing profits. Know how creating a culture of camaraderie and cooperation can lead to better cash generation. Become a heartfelt leader.

Enjoyable Entrepreneurship

An entrepreneur is always focused on juggling knives. Every problem in the organisation big or small is the entrepreneur’s problem. What if you learn to enjoy the juggling with a focus on keeping yourself happy first. Being happy is the best motivation to push forward at full throttle towards your goals. Learnings from my entrepreneurial journey to help you have fun on the run.

Your Business Is Not You!

You have poured your heart, soul and every drop energy in your business and it has paid off to become a success! But do you worry that you alone can run your business to optimum? Don’t feel tied down or let one venture define you. Whether you want to grow into a new business or give time to emerging passions the key is to make your business run without your constant involvement. Learn how to run and grow your business without being tied down.

Why me? Try me!

When life puts you in tough situations, Don’t say “Why me” say “Try me”. Life is uncertain. Period. The best-laid plans might go awry. Challenges and pain are perceived as lack of luck. In reality, facing these challenges help us build our strength, character and are critical to a meaningful growth in life. My personal story is replete with challenges and each one is a blessing that has helped me grow. Want to know how to smile through these? Hear me.

Spirituality is Sexy!

Did you imagine a guru in flowing robes in a tranquil and hip setting? Do you see spirituality as a post retirement hobby? What if it is not just a topic of interest but an attitude to life?  Let us explore spirituality together which will help us in discovering our true selves and our immense potential for joy. Create a life that feels good on the inside, not just the one that looks good on the outside.

Death is not deadly!

OK, let us address the Yamaraja in the room. If there is a topic that people are most uncomfortable talking about in families and society, this is at the top of that list. It is a reality that we all know but one that we never want to face or address. Let us explore how we can all live more fully and prepare for most things from the practical to unpredictable. Have an exit strategy that will help you exist in peace.

Engage me as a Speaker

Based on my experience, these are the subjects of my interest. If you are looking for something different to engage your audience, I will be glad to tailor make a talk just for the occasion and cater to your appetite. Contact me!

Humorous by default and positive by choice there is never a dull moment with Kiran Biligiri.