Restaurant on wheels anywhere, everywhere!

What if we tell you that the two biggest deterrents that keep you from realizing your restaurant dream (infrastructure and right information), will be taken care of? Sounds splendid, doesn’t it? In today’s convenience hungry world, we are all looking for collective solutions to our problems. We need consultancy and packaged solutions so that we can go ahead and concentrate on our strengths, rather than stress ourselves out in tricky necessities. The same holds true for the restaurant industry as well, and very rightly so.

Mr Vikram Sood, Director at Hungry Wheels and my guest today, has identified this glaring need to provide customized business solutions to aspiring foodpreneurs and help them make their journeys hassle-free with their unique ‘Mobile Restaurants’. As Vikram puts it, they are the Saridons to take care of all the headaches so you can do what you do best, food-craft! How? Lets read on.

The dreamer’s barriers

Vikram starts with the problem identification i.e. infra and the seed capital. Real estate industry, he says is very deeply tied down with the food industry. Logically put, the more demand for food there is at a certain location, the more expensive is that property to acquire. The capital required to set these restaurants up is also a huge gamble since demand is unpredictable and this calls for all your eggs in one basket.

What he brings to the table is a customized 100 sq feet mobile restaurant solution, where you drive your kitchen around and go where the demand takes you. Depending on the time of the day, you can be at your identified location, serving customers the food as per their taste buds and having nothing to worry about. Not even parking spots and driver logistics. Sounds good? Here’s more. Hungry wheels team understands that many aspiring foodpreneurs might have to spend years in perfecting the basics such as compliances, cost per plate, etc. Hence, they do it for you. They even help you design your menu. Well, that’s a home-run!

The all-encompassing mix

Hungry Wheels is an offspring of Army brains put together. Coming from an army background, there are no cutting corners, Vikram states. After having spent 6 years researching and experimenting with their own product, they have now developed very well defined and dynamic metrics and SOPs for each leg of the business. Their solutions are customized to your cuisine and they set you free in terms of innovation. Hence, you do not need to pick your brains for things that do not come naturally to you.

Vikram professes that from an aspiring foodpreneur to an existing businessman looking to expand or to an established famous big brand to be looking at brand new experience zones for the customers, there is a customized solution available for each suitor. Being a strong opposer of jugaad, he firmly believes that one needs to be ready to merge their experiments with food and those with locations, in order to mitigate the risk of losses. So, you just take the mobile restaurant tailor made to your cuisine and other requirements on lease rather than investing huge capital expenditure.

Vikram states that Bangalore has a weather advantage, and that encourages foodpreneurs to try different things, in turn, giving them an opportunity to innovate their solutions. Being the self-proclaimed foodie that he is, he concurs that though eating a salad every day is undoable but still, the raw-food trend is here to stay.

In the end, Vikram strongly advises foodpreneurs to not indulge in capital expenditure and keep the business fluid. Instead, he says try everything new!

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It was an immense pleasure to look at and understand such a unique idea for the restaurant industry while catching up with Vikram. It certainly makes me look forward to a more healthily competitive and clean food, with such kind of a support. I sincerely hope, this nudges you to get on the road with your own travelling kitchens and set out on your own journey.

Cheers, until next time!