Konnect with Kiran

Kiran Biligiri gets up close and personal with successful entrepreneurs in his new talk show Konnect with Kiran. This digital event will showcase the professional and personal journey of the persistent entrepreneurs, passionate chefs who have opened restaurants, New age restaurant owners, Happening lounge bosses and Many other inspiring businessmen.

Behind every successful business, there is an interesting story. You have savored the delicacies at your favorite restaurant but don’t know it’s success ingredients. You know that it is a preferred destination, but don’t know it’s journey. You have sat at that bar sipping an exotic cocktail soaking in the ambience but don’t know about the blood and sweat that the hep place stands upon. You have danced at your favorite lounge with some amazing spirits but don’t know about the spirited owners who are constantly on their toes. Or maybe you have?

Maybe you are an aspiring restaurateur or enthusiastic foodie. Either way, Konnect with Kiran brings you the answers by bringing those to you who have the answers.

This is your opportunity to not just listen to the best and brightest of the industry but also ask the question that you always had in your mind and get the answers straight from the horse’s mouth.

The insightful banter at this show will be engaging, entertaining and enriching.